Fight Fit

Fight Fit Class Description

Fight Fit is a great class for the person who wants a fighter body without the fighter lumps. Your workout consists of everything a fighter does without the personal contact. Hit the heavy bags, get some cardio in and do some strength and conditioning training. Burn 500 to 800 calories in an hour, depending on your efforts.

Fight Fit is the perfect class for everyone, beginner or advanced. You have the ability to move at your own pace while completing each exercise. All this while enjoying upbeat and motivating music.

Schedule a free, no obligation, introductory class online or call (610) 841-7010.

Fight Fit Class

  • Fight Fit Instructors
    Christian Corley
  • Fight Fit Class Schedule
    7 pm - 8 pm *
    6 pm - 7 pm *
    10 am - 11 am
    * Women only

Fight Fit Instructors

Christian Corley