Boot Camp

Boot Camp Class Description

Boot Camp classes at Hammer Training & Fitness will help transform your body with the speed and efficiency of military type drills. Our Boot Camp program is designed to whip you into shape by burning fat and toning muscle. A variety of resistance training, calisthenics, and cardiovascular exercises are incorporated in the Boot Camp to maximize your body's transformation. At Hammer Training & Fitness, we have training equipment for just about any type of training, including martial arts, cross training, power lifting, speed and agility, old school, and modern weight and cardio. Our trainers utilize all the equipment to give you the workout of your life. Our trainers keep the Boot Camp classes upbeat and fun to keep you coming back from week to week. Come get the best workout from anywhere in the Lehigh Valley area at Hammer Training & Fitness.

Boot Camp classes stimulate fat burning and increase your metabolism to continue the fat burning long-term. You will shed excess pounds faster than you could imagine.

The Boot Camp exercises help strengthen your heart, stimulate your immune system, and improve circulation. By participating in our Boot Camp classes you can substantially reduce your risk for life-threatening illnesses, such as heart disease, heart attack, diabetes, and cancer.

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Boot Camp Class

  • Boot Camp Instructor
    Christian Corley
  • Boot Camp Class Schedule
    9 am - 10 am

Boot Camp Instructors

Christian Corley