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Hammer Training & Fitness opened its new fitness club facility in 2012 as the new home of Lehigh Valley Isshin Ryu Karate, Inc. (LVIRK Training Center). Hammer Training & Fitness serves the Lehigh Valley with an 18,000 square foot one stop source for fitness, martial arts, entertainment and wellness at our new state of the art health club facility in Allentown, PA.

As you enter the beautiful new fitness gym, the first thing you see is our pro-shop area stocked with apparel and equipment. A courteous Hammer Training & Fitness staff member directs you to where ever you need to go and supplies you with all your workout needs. For your viewing pleasure there are wide screen televisions to entertain you while you workout. Other wide screens televisions show upcoming events, news, features of the facility, and our sponsors' ads.

For the Karate lover, Hammer Training & Fitness has a beautiful all matted training room. For our combat sports enthusiast, the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) area of the fitness center has two impressive training areas. One portion of the fitness center has a newly matted 2,400 square feet grappling area with a cage wall. Then through some doors you are in the 5,000 square feet fighters' training and event area equipped with a full size MMA fight cage, a full size Boxing ring, and a full size MMA ring. You then find even more matted Grappling area with over 30 heavy bags and throwing dummies.

Hammer Training & Fitness has over 3,000 square feet containing an assortment of weight lifting and cardio trainingequipment. All these areas are serviced by his and her locker rooms for use after a hard training session.

Hammer Training & Fitness provides the most up to date human performance methods in the 18,000 square feet fitness center. The health club provides the best methods in athletic training and in sports therapy. The training area has a 20 yard sprint track for the athletes for velocity type training.

Hammer Training & Fitness has some of the best martial arts instructors and personal trainers in various fields of fitness training to meet the needs of all the members. By offering all of these services, clients no longer need to be members of a fitness club and a martial arts school. Everything they need for a complete workout is in one place. Not only does Hammer Training & Fitness provide the best service in the health club industry, but it also has two Boxing/Kickboxing rings and an MMA cage for training.

Hammer Training & Fitness offers classes in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Grappling, Wrestling, Isshin Ryu Karate, Fight Fit, and Boot Camp. We offer classes for students of all ages and ability levels. Many of the martial arts instructors at Hammer Training & Fitness offer private lessons and personal training catered toward your interests and goals. Private lessons are available for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, Isshin Ryu Karate, Self-Defense, Grappling, Wrestling, Karate Weapons, General Fitness, and some other specialties.

In addition to Martial Arts training for fitness, Hammer Training & Fitness also provides a state of the art facility to train amateur and professional Boxers, Kickboxers, and Mixed Martial Arts fighters. The martial arts center also allows professional Boxers, professional Kickboxers, and professional MMA fighters to have camps and do private training with their own trainers.

Hammer Training & Fitness is also a full fitness gym complete with new state of the art cardio equipment and weight equipment targeting every body part. Having the martial arts center and gym at the same location allows students to save travel time and money by training at one facility.

Our Master Instructor Renshi Rodney Guignet has put forth a goal to be able to meet the needs of students no matter what their age or ability level. We have Martial Arts classes for children in Isshin Ryu Karate for kindergarten age and up. We offer youth, teen, and adult classes in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Isshin Ryu Karate for any skill level for ages 10 and up. For teens and adults, we also offer Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Wrestling, Grappling, Fight Fit, and Boot Camp classes for all skill levels. For Seniors that are interested in our Martial Arts classes, we even offer a substantial Senior discount.

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